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About Us

Dedicated to creating a significant impact in the the world of web and mobile applications as well as associated technologies, Oakheads solution Pvt. Ltd. comprises a family of skilled designers, developers and marketers who consistently strive to give an extra edge to your business enterprises.

Oakheads’ boasts of over 3 years of collective industry experience. Our company is made up of over 50 highly trained professionals including Business Analysts, App developers, Web developers, Designer, Testers and Sales Executives. We have successfully delivered more than 120 Java, Android and iOS compatible applications for different verticals such as messaging, transport, health, location oriented, e-commerce, m-commerce, education entertainment, real estate, logistics, and finance. Our expertise covers almost all cell-phone operating systems such as iOS, Android and other platforms. We have accomplished a name for ourselves in these few years by delivering fascinating results for our clients all over the world. What distinguishes Oakheads from other brands is that we approach all our projects with continued allegiance to interactivity and creativity. We have successfully established new milestones in the field of web and mobile technologies.

At Oakheads, we are committed to our motto, “Quality - Each Time, Every Time”. Our mission to not simply be a global Mobile App Design & Development Company but to leave our imprints in the industry at large. “Quality - Each Time, Every Time”.

Our Vision

Our Vision is simply to create a meaningful and noticeable change in the world. We aim to resolve the various complications that our customers encounter at various steps of their ways through our web and mobile app designs as well as our development and marketing strategies to resolve the any form of complications that our customers across the globe may encounter. To accomplish this, we are persistently working to create high-tech mobile apps, web, and HTML5 solutions that can transform our customers’ ideas into reality by effectively exploiting the power of technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure quality and punctuality om every occasion. We strive to guarantee a before time limit delivery to our clients. We aim to maximise our profits through customer engagements.

The road map that we follow to achieve our targets is based on the following pillars:

  • Use of the finest and the most advanced technologies right from scratch to the final product to ensure the best quality at all points.
  • Supplying the best brand in engineering talent to suitably meet the requirements of our clients.
  • Fulfilling all the promises made to our customers to the best of our expertise and abilities.
  • Maintaining utmost clarity in all our endeavours and being dedicated to our targets at all points.
  • Taking note of the feedback of our customers and adopting the necessary changes in our work.


At Oakheads, we provide a wide range of services in the field of web and mobile development. We provide one stop solutions to all your requirements related to web and mobile technologies. We provide customised solutions on web, standalone and mobile software in a variety of language. We adopt latest technologies while developing and designing the projects in order to cater to the objectives of different business domains.

Oakheads’ outsourcing firm's main goal is to keep clients on the upper edge of the predominant information technology and add value to their business in the context of today's dynamic digital environment. We have experienced programmers and UX experts who work tirelessly with customers to ensure that our customers get the finest quality product in each and every deal. Our team maintains flexibility so that we can customise our products as per the requirements of our clients and have instant solutions at your disposal constantly.


UI/UX Designing

At Oakheads Noida, we can boost your business with our unrivalled expertise in designing and developing business websites, mobile apps and other associated web resources.

Web Development

We make the optimum use of modernized technologies like Java, PHP, ASP.net, Ajax, MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, IOS, Android etc. and maintain the highest levels of creativity at every point.

Ecommerce Solutions

We provide high quality E-commerce development services to our clients in UK, USA, Canada, France, Europe and all over the world. Yet again, on-time delivery without compromising the quality is our guiding principle.

Product Engineering

Oakheads Solution Pvt Ltd, is a global offshore product development company and is an ideal product co-development partner.

Cloud/VPS Computing Server

Our backend team can provide advice on the best servers for your product, based on prior testing. Be it a cloud or VPS related issue, we will prescribe the best for greater user sustainability.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app development team uses only the latest technologies to develop highly interactive applications on iPhone, Android & Windows.

Staff Augmentation

Offshore outsourcing has changed the way business is conducted today. It is a known fact that outsourcing helps in economising your budget and increases your reserves.

Testing & QA

Quality awareness has become an important requirement to efficiently work on N-Tier projects with emphasis on Key Performance Indicators that assist in guaranteeing better performance.

Security Assessment

Our technologies help you protect your data and prevent hackers from accessing your classified information. To protect your data from hackers, web susceptibility must be detected and negated, at Oakshead we look into such cases with utmost care.

Digital Marketing

We implement reliable and active search engine optimization strategies for your web so that it will grant your product a top page ranking in all major search engines.


We have devised specialised strategies to help you make your business “Appsolutely” astonishing. We always aim to transform your ideas into reality, faster than you thought was possible. We follow a six step method to make the technological base of your business superior to a lot others in the market.


Getting An In Depth Insight Into Your Business.

Nobody knows your business like you do. Hence at the very first stage, we try and get to know it as well. We try to understand the everyday processes and the people who keep it running regularly. We engage with your operations, market positions and the prevailing competitions in order to help you determine the most effective solutions to various challenges that you may face and ideas to make your your business even more unique.


Creating A High Fidelity Design

At this stage, you are able to see not just how your app will work but also how it will look. Our high-fidelity design offers the complete “look and feel” of the app to give you a finished prototype that is completely interactive and flexible for the purpose of incorporating any change that you may require. For this process, we use InVision—a design collaboration platform that we have developed which allows us to create high-fidelity interactive prototypes. Invented right here at Epicenter, InVision is used by countless design-focused companies such as Zappos, Evernote, AOL, Airbnb, among others. InVision plays a crucial role in keeping our process design-driven.


Testing The Product

Once we’ve written the code, we do our best to break it in order to verify its robustness. Our engineering team thoroughly tests the code to find and eliminate any problems and make sure your software is not only working properly but is also completely secure. This step is essential in assuring an error-free launch.


Presenting The First Prototype.

Once we’ve determined what you need specifically, we develop a clickable interactive prototype to bring the conversation to life. In our initial design, we ensure that your application is intuitive, easy to use, and serves your users exactly how you desire. By doing this early in the process we ensure that you know exactly how the software will work , before we proceed to write a line of code.


Writing The Code

After you’ve approved the final high fidelity design, our seasoned engineering and development team gets to work on the code. Unlike the traditional methodology, we establish all the requirements—including design and usability—before any code is written. This makes the development process faster and easier for us and more cost-efficient for you.


The Launch Party

We closely oversee all phases of the launch process, and make sure your new app integrates seamlessly with the relevant legacy systems. You know exactly how your software will look and function well before the coding—so when we roll out the new software, there is no scope for any discrepancy. Finally, our team provides support at every step of the way, ensuring your launch is a smooth one.


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